Terms and Conditions

1. Changes to the agreement
a. Changes go into effect 30 days after posting online, and we’ll notify you of material changes. Continued use after 30 days implies your acceptance of the updated terms.
b. If we need to terminate this agreement unexpectedly (without cause) we’ll refund any pre-paid fees and arrange for the return of your inventory back to you at our expense

2. Term
a. Terms are for 12 months from purchase date with automatic renewals
i. Should you decide not to renew your contract you must cancel your service prior to the contract’s auto-renewal date
b. Risk free trial period lasts 60 days from date of initial purchase
             i.  You can cancel at any time during trial period, and we’ll refund you your monthly subscription fees paid (but not any a la carte add-on services you may have purchased)
c. Contracts can’t be cancelled outside the risk free trial period unless for cause, with 30 days notice and an opportunity to remedy the breach

3. Charges
a. Monthly subscription charges are applied on the anniversary of the initial purchase date and remain the same throughout the contract’s term
b. Account closure charges apply when not renewing an annual contract

4. Payment terms
a. Customers are required to enroll in auto-pay
b. There are no credits or refunds for unused or partially used monthly services
c. A late fee of 1% will apply the day after a missed payment

5. Customer default
a. After a 14 day grace period from first missed payment, service will be suspended, meaning we won’t allow you to place orders for your account
b. After two consecutive missed payments we’ll send you written notice that we may securely destroy your inventory stored with us within 90 days, with a final notice being sent out 10 days before destruction

6. Limitation of liability
a. Hard copy records are assumed to be valued at $1 per storage box/carton and media records are assumed to be valued at the cost of replacing the physical media.
           i. You’re welcome to take out additional insurance through third-party insurers
b. Our maximum liability for any loss is no more than the actual amount paid by the customer in the prior 12 months for services

7. Personal information
a. Customer agrees not to store with us any personal information as defined by the EU’s GDPR
b. Customer agrees to our Personal Information Privacy Addendum if they give us any personal information as defined in the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018
          i.  Personal Information Privacy Addendum Summary: we won’t use any personal information for any purpose other than servicing your account and we’ll take steps to ensure the appropriate protection of this data
c. Customer agrees to our Business Associate Agreement if they provide us with protected health information as defined in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
          i.  Business Associate Agreement Summary: we will not disclose protected health information, we will take steps to safeguard this data, and communicate any breaches should they occur

8. Separate agreement
a. sierra26 accounts and IRM accounts are completely separate and we won’t merge or combine accounts/contracts